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DomainDarbar offers an iPublish platform, an easy, DO IT YOURSELF, multi-media format solution to create the learning content. iPublish platform offers a unique way to create the course online with your defined learning objectives and create an evaluation for learning outcome.

You don’t need any IT infrastructure but just your Laptop or PC. Hosting, security, maintenance, support and updates are taken care by without any additional cost.

One Click Publish

Just one click to publish the course or selected list of audience through the course link and access code for any device.

Cloud Hosted

Ensures the data security and reliable infrastructure for creating and serving the created courses.

Simple Interface

Simple interface absolutely easy to use intuitive interface to create Multi-Media content.


Online Do It Yourself, multi-media Publishing and Learning Platform integrated with All Format Assessments to Train, Assess and Certify


Create your own learning courses in DO-IT-YOURSELF multimedia format, define the learning objectives and create certification assessment using All Format Assessment Modules to evaluate the learning outcome.


Configure the course with necessary instructions and evaluation assessment/certification with duration.


Publish the course on or to restricted list of audience through the course link and access code.


Course would comprise of online learning material you create. The course can also include diagnostic assessment (i.e. undertaken by learner before the learning begins) and post learning assessment. Such assessments are optional and would be discretion of Domain Expert.
Anyone who have the ability to create high-quality domain specific courses and own the IP (Intellectual Property) rights to the content or have relevant permissions/authority/acknowledgments to reproduce the content. We invite Domain experts and specialists, individuals from any field to create such courses.
The core focus of Domain Darbar is providing/sharing the domain knowledge of Domain Experts with learners. We especially like offering courses that will enable the localised or hands on understanding of a domain.
Domain Experts publishing on Domain Darbar are entitled to a revenue share of income earned when their courses are subscribed. Many Domain Experts would like to publish FREE courses to begin with to demonstrate their domain understanding and then attract new learners to their paid courses. Many Domain Experts may also want to share their domain knowledge/experience with the world to make it a better place!!!
At Domain Darbar we keep the things simple. As a Domain Expert and creator of course you put a price tag on what you create based on your understanding of how popular/relevant the course could be for learners. If your course is popular and high quality, learners will study your course, which will be reflected in overall statistics on display. The revenue is shared with you, the Domain Expert. The exact terms of the revenue share are detailed in the agreement between you and us. Domain Darbar provides you with the feature to creating your own diagnostics assessments and certifications to judge the learners’s understanding, if you choose to do so. The more people you direct to Domain Darbar, the more revenue you make.
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